Things to know about Kundali Milan & it’s importance

India is a land of customs and ritual; rightly so, the art of astrology and stars is well etched into the lives of every Indian. Kundali Milan, or the aspect of matching kundalis, compares two natal charts. This custom ranges back in time and has been used since Vedic astrology to cross-check the compatibility between two individuals.

This is mainly done to ensure a compatible relationship between the two and that the marriage is long-lasting and has an enchanting experience. These attributes are essential for a long-lasting successful marriage.

The ritual for matching the bride and groom to be, helps them understand and work on their loopholes from the beginning to avoid any irreconcilable differences in the future. Also, a perfect Kundli Milan helps them understand their camaraderie levels and prospective marriages. For a blissful marriage, most ill ailments are sought after and eradicated.

Relationship between marriage and Kundli Milan

Marriage is the turning point in the lives of two individuals alongside their respective families. This is undoubtedly one of the truest forms of relationship between two individuals entangling their souls for a lifetime and beyond. Sprinkled with an essence of fulfillment, marriages are the epitome of commitment when people are ready to decide to live for one another. 

In a Hindu marriage, many rituals are sought to ensure the well-being and smooth married life of the man and the woman involved. The detailed birth charts are matched to decide the amount of compatibility that they both share. Before any Indian marriage, Kundli Milan is highly essential. The moon’s placement in the natal charts plays a very crucial role. The moon’s placement in the horoscope provides the astrologer with the Janam Rashi and nakshatra. Two key elements of kundali Milan.

Kundali Milan – The Procedure

Also termed as gun Milan, the auspicious occasion of Kundli Milan is the ordeal in which the qualities presented in the horoscope of both the bride and to be groom is matched. The total number of aspects that are to be matched stands at 36. If there’s a matching of 18 aspects out of 36, i.e., if at least 50% of the aspects match between the two parties, then the astrologer gives a green signal to the marriage.

Kundali Milan and Mangal Dosh

This is a belief that governs most Hindu marriages that the more the number of attributes that the Kundli Milan matches, the more is there a possibility for the marriage to end up on the smoother shore. Nevertheless, there may sometimes be a kundali dosh that needs to be taken care of via some carefully curated steps.

There’s a belief that if the marriage is completed by ignoring all these defects, then there are very good possibilities of the marriage hitting the rocks and ending on really bad terms. The important thing in Kundli Milan is the need for the absence of a ‘Manglik flaw’ in the horoscope of the cast.