Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Diapers

As the world keeps raising more and more concern about the types of wasted that are being left behind harming the environment, it’s high time that we take individual steps to eliminate the basic wastes that can be avoided. For instance one of the smartest moves to protect nature begins with your choice of the eco-friendly diapers. Not only do they help conserve and make the earth a better place but also help give your baby a natural way of embracing life rather than being wrapped up in toxic, life-threatening chemicals. Given below are a list of reasons as to why one should opt for eco-friendly diapers:

  • Environment friendly:

Eco-friendly diapers have been in the spotlight for quite some time now given the fact that they are highly environment friendly in comparison to their counterparts of generic diapers. Eco-friendly diapers take no time to decompose and leave behind nothing that is indestructible. Moreover, they can also be used again and again making it tough for any carbon footprint emissions in the first place. Whereas the generic diapers, mostly one-time usage ones are meant to be disposable. But the sad part is that it takes over five centuries for them to decompose, leaving behind mammoth amounts of carbon waste. Also given that one person produces so much waste, there are millions of disposable diapers that are dumped into landfills throughout the year.

  • Economical:

It isn’t an unknown fact as to how costly generic disposable diapers can get. Moreover, they are often required in bulks. For instance, a single toddler may need up to forty diapers in a single week and that’s a huge amount. With eco-friendly diapers they are heavily beneficial for you as you can wash and reuse them, hence reducing the financial burden from your shoulders. Also, not only can you reuse them for your baby but you can also reuse them if you ever wish to have another child in the future.

  • All about the safety of your toddler :

Generic disposable diapers are made with unsafe chemicals such as sodium polyacrylate, a toxin called dioxin, Phthalates, alcohols and so on. These chemicals may have immensely dangerous effects on individuals in the future as Dioxins have been considered highly toxic and are damaging to an individual’s immune system. Exposure to this chemical may also further result in the cause of reproductive problems, developmental complexities, and may even interfere with hormones which in turn may lead to cancer. Because of the mixture of these unwanted chemicals and toxins, more than half of all toddlers who employ disposable diapers shall experience skin rashes or allergies. Whereas on the other side eco-friendly diapers are completely free of any such chemicals or toxins and leave behind you toddler without any adverse effects or allergies.

  • Lower forms of irritation:

Eco-friendly diaper rashes are known to have fewer forms of irritation or diaper rashes on toddlers as compared to the generic disposable diapers. Often natural fibres like cotton, bamboo, hemp and so on are used which are completely safe to be put next to your baby’s sensitive and tender skin. Soft, absorbent and chemical-free are what the eco-friendly diapers have to offer.

  • Helps your kid learn the basics first.

Researches have it that kids who use eco-friendly diapers like cloth diapers are more prone to learn potty training than the ones who are into disposable diapers. The disposable diapers have slowed down the rate of kids wanting to be potty trained as a result making your kids take a normal year longer than the actual time taken to potty train. All the while draining your pockets as well as damaging the environment.

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